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What a great podcast! The chemistry between Josh and Alison is wonderful. Oh, I almost forgot Bradley. He brings much to the table as well. I really like the casual chat up top where they catch up with each other. Brody has always watched something interesting and Josh and Alison have cats! These friends are like the friends I once had... Subscribe to this podcast and hangout with Josh, Alison, and Borby!

Well of course.

Well of course I just love the heck out of the show. That Alison is a hoot-and-a-half!

Entertaining, cozy and personal

I have always thought of podcasts as a companion for road trips to occupy your mind while you don’t have anything better to do. This podcast however has me sitting down in my chair weekly like a proper old person to simply sit and listen while doing nothing else. Allison, Brady and Josh and Solid Six are like the Em G D and A chords of Wonderwall. They are just so good when you put them together you can’t help but find a guitar at a house party and force everyone to listen. The show does a wonderful job of appreciating and fleshing out the details of movie making with details that are fascinating to learn but never would take the time to earn on my own. The solid six crew is fun, knowledgeable and puts together a professional mixed show every week. Keep up the good work!


This is a real podcast. Three actual friends with unique backgrounds bringing their humor, perspective, and LOVE to the conversation around life, and our favorite life escape: MOVIES. They are consistently educating, inspiring, and making me laugh. They are doing the heavy lifting so you can get excited about checking out a new director or genre. Listening to them makes me feel like I have friends again. I'm watching more movies, I'm lauging out loud, two thumbs up!


This show helped me rediscover my long dormant love of cinema. I have not engaged with movies this much since film school, and I have really appreciated the thoughtful, personal, and at times absurd commentary shared by our hosts. Keep it up!

This show got me hooked in there first episode

Very well-made and Purdue show that I enjoy every week and occasionally call-in too if you like in-depth discussions about cult film and also discussions about life in general please check this out.

I laughed. I cried. I added a lot of movies to my queue.

I want to good-argue with these guys. I want to sit with them, have a beer, and throw down over Movie Opinions. Informative, amusing as all get-out, and the best company for me to have while I work alone during quarantine. MORE!

My New GoTo Podcast

Solid Six provides in-depth research and discussion about film delivered in a listener-friendly and engaging conversational manner. I’ve been listening for about a month now, and they have soared to the top of my list, feeling like old friends in such a short time. Highly recommended!

Fun listen

Good humor, good flow and fun to listen to. Does not require a deep knowledge of the movie industry and most things are explained for the layperson.

Solid Six

Nice to hear a show dive deep into the less loved movies. Their love of movies is genuine and is backed up by knowledge. My only complaint is I wish they didn’t laugh at their own jokes. Great show otherwise.