This show helped me rediscover my long dormant love of cinema. I have not engaged with movies this much since film school, and I have really appreciated the thoughtful, personal, and at times absurd commentary shared by our hosts. Keep it up!

This show got me hooked in there first episode

Very well-made and Purdue show that I enjoy every week and occasionally call-in too if you like in-depth discussions about cult film and also discussions about life in general please check this out.

I laughed. I cried. I added a lot of movies to my queue.

I want to good-argue with these guys. I want to sit with them, have a beer, and throw down over Movie Opinions. Informative, amusing as all get-out, and the best company for me to have while I work alone during quarantine. MORE!

My New GoTo Podcast

Solid Six provides in-depth research and discussion about film delivered in a listener-friendly and engaging conversational manner. I’ve been listening for about a month now, and they have soared to the top of my list, feeling like old friends in such a short time. Highly recommended!

Fun listen

Good humor, good flow and fun to listen to. Does not require a deep knowledge of the movie industry and most things are explained for the layperson.

Solid Six

Nice to hear a show dive deep into the less loved movies. Their love of movies is genuine and is backed up by knowledge. My only complaint is I wish they didn’t laugh at their own jokes. Great show otherwise.