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Episode 26: Hong Kong Horror Pt. 2 - The Boxer's Omen

Sept. 2, 2020

Brady, Josh, and Alison practice black magic with 1983’s The Boxer’s Omen - the Shaw Brothers’ hallucinogenic, religious, gross out movie directed by Kuei Chih-Hung.

Episode 25: Hong Kong Horror Pt. 1 - Possessed II

Aug. 26, 2020

Brady, Josh, and Alison give a run down of Possessed II - the 1984 Hong Kong horror movie from David Lai. Plus!

Episode 24: German Expressionism Pt. 2 - The Man Who Laughs

Aug. 19, 2020

Alison, Brady, and Josh get serious with The Man Who Laughs - the 1928 heart breaking, melodrama directed by Paul Leni and starring Conrad Veidt, Mary Philbin, and Olga Baclanova.

Episode 23: German Expressionism Pt. 1 - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Aug. 12, 2020

Alison, Brady, and Josh sound off with The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - the 1920 German expressionist film directed by Robert Wiene.

Episode 22: Unconventional Romantic Comedies Pt. 2 - Joe Vs. The Volcano

Aug. 5, 2020

Josh, Alison, and Brady hop into Joe Vs. The Volcano - the 1990 bizarre romance by John Patrick Shanley starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

Episode 21: Unconventional Romantic Comedies Pt. 1 - Moonstruck

July 29, 2020

Josh, Alison and Brady bask in Moonlight - Cher and Nicholas Cage’s romantic comedy from 1987.

Episode 20: Dino '68 Pt. 2 - Danger: Diabolik

July 22, 2020

Brady, Josh, and Alison plot the perfect heist with Danger: Diabolik - Mario Bava’s 1968 sexy, burglar adventure. Plus! Nemesis, Palm Springs, Ennio Morricone, Mike Patton, Divergent, birds and bees, laying traps, choke holds, Ghislaine Maxwell, and viscera! Also:

Episode 19: Bob Fosse

July 9, 2020

We were warming up the mics for the Barbarella episode and captured this conversation about Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon. We discussed 2019's mini-series Fosse/Verdon - starring Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams, reflected on Fosse's 1979 autobiographical musical All That Jazz starring Roy Schieder, …

Episode 18: Dino '68 Pt. 1 - Barbarella

July 8, 2020

Love! Brady, Josh and Alison lounge with Barbarella - the cult, sci-fi, camp classic from 1968 starring Jane Fonda with sexy costumes and incredible music. Plus! Waxing, nunchucking, Kanye'ing, and Jane Fonda'ing! ❤️ Listeners: we love youuuuuuuuuuuuu! ❤️ Also:

Episode 17: Underwater Pt. 2 - Sphere

July 1, 2020

Alison, Josh, and Brady speak into computers on Sphere - Barry Levinson's 1998 adaptation of Michael Crichton's underwater sci-fi story starring Dustin Hoffman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Sharon Stone. Plus! Letterboxd Fame, 365 Days, The Boz vs. Howie Long, Dahmer, Snake Possession, Female Hysteria, a…

Episode 16: Underwater Pt. 1 - The Abyss

June 24, 2020

Alison, Josh, and Brady submerge themselves with The Abyss - James Cameron’s 1989 sci-fi, ground breaking technical achievement starring Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Plus!

Episode 15: Black Girl

June 10, 2020

We discuss Black Girl - Senegalese director Ousmane Sembène's 1966 critique of the lingering colonialist mindset of the French in a supposedly post-colonial world. Black Girl was the first feature length movie out of Africa. Plus! Protests, race relations, hope, depression, staying sane in difficul…

Episode 14: Truckin' Pt. 2 - Space Truckers

June 3, 2020

We need to reflect on the incredible tragedy in Minneapolis that occurred just after the recording of this episode. Black Lives Matter, and we live in transformational times. Solid Six insists that you engage in your community at every level and crush systemic racism.

Episode 13: Truckin' Pt. 1 - Convoy

May 28, 2020

Josh, Alison, and Brady ride along with Convoy - Sam Peckinpah's 1978 trucker swansong starring Kris Kristofferson and Ali MacGraw sticking it to the Man. Plus! CB radio slang, big rig stories, Peckinpah's life, Kristofferson's eyebrows, Mannheim Steamroller, Burt Reynold's man bits, and anti-geese…

Episode 12: Musicals Pt. 2 - Phantom of the Paradise

May 20, 2020

Brady, Alison, Josh, and Torben haunt Phantom of the Paradise - the post counter culture 1974 musical by Brian De Palma. Plus! Paul Williams' sex appeal, drama class rejection, piano competitions, pyrotechnic malfunctions, Family Values tour, Kris Angel, and ICP. Also:

Episode 11: Musicals Pt. 1 - Cats

May 14, 2020

Brady, Alison, Josh, and Torben take a journey of rich embarassments with Cats - the 2019 musical starring famous and talented people in weird CGI participating in a battle to see who can ascend to heaven. Plus! X Æ A-12, Indigo babies, Steely Dan's problematic songs, hot cousins, antifa, Master P,…

Episode 10: Close Encounters Pt. 2 - Fire in the Sky

May 7, 2020

Alison, Brady, and Josh abduct Fire in the Sky - the creepy 1993 adaptation of Travis Walton's five day disappearance in an alleged encounter with aliens in 1975. Plus! Barney and Betty Hill, mountain agave's rare bloom, declassified videos, Covid soylent diets, gardening, and what the kids are say…

Episode 9: Close Encounters Pt. 1 - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

April 30, 2020

Alison, Brady, and Josh ascend to Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Spielberg's 1977 personal homage to the sci-fi genre. Plus! Metallurgy, viral chicken nuggs, travel anxiety, and the Stardew Valley soap opera must go on! Also: